Woman Dumps 7-Year Old Cat Because She was Getting a New Sofa

Having a pet is a huge responsibility. It’s a lifetime commitment that we can’t just decide midway to let go off.  Unfortunately, there are still several pet owners who think of pets as mere accessories that they can just throw away or get rid of once they get bored.

Sadly, this has been the case for a poor little cat in New York City after its owner for 7 years decided to give him up because she needed to buy a new sofa. This poor baby has been with his previous owner since he was 3 months of age. He knows no other “mom” than her. To make matters worse, the poor cat now named “Tiger Tim” was dumped at a HIGH-KILL shelter. Tiger Tim was rescued by Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming and is now being treated by veterinarians.

Cat Dumped for Sofa

Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming posted this status on Facebook for the previous owner of Tiger Tim:

To the woman who surrendered Tiger Tim to the ACC because she was getting a new sofa:

You said you got him when he was just three months old, and that he was now seven. You said he was a good cat, well-behaved and affectionate. That he followed you around and kept you company. That he waited at the door for you every night and that he was so happy when you came home from work. You signed the ACC paperwork, which states that a surrendered animal may be euthanized.

Then you left him there and walked away, even though he cried.

Would you like an update on your cat? Well, here it is: He was kill listed, and we got him on the very day he was going to be euthanized. He is safe. But he is not well.

Tiger Tim is deteriorating. He is over the shelter URI, but he refuses to eat, refuses to drink. For days we’ve been force feeding him to keep him alive. He is never aggressive; just so sad, curled into a little ball of misery.

His heart is broken.

You know what our wish for you is?

That someday, somebody will do to you what you did to Tiger Tim.

Cat Dumped for Sofa (02)
Poor Tiger Tim must be feeling so sad and confused right now. Unsure what he did wrong for his “mommy” to give him up. This story is NOT in the Philippines, but there are multiple cases similar to this that happens in our country every day. Please remember that animals are more than just accessories. If you choose to own one, please be ready to take on the responsibilities.
Currently, vets found that Tiger Tim has fluid around his lungs. Not pneumonia, but a worrisome build up of fluids. Samples have been extracted to find out more about his illness.
We’re crossing our fingers for you little one! Hang in there!

If you would like to help with Tiger’s expenses, donations can be sent to this link or directly to their paypal email: magnificatrescue2@gmail.com

For more updates on Tiger Tim’s case, follow Magnificat Rescue and Rehoming on Facebook.