Winterlust: Enjoy the Different Forms of Gelato by Gelatofix

Written by Andre Barbarona

Winter is here! A new gelateria will open at Bonifacio Global City this August, and I can safely say that, like the White Walkers of Game of Thrones, Gelatofix brings a wind of change in the Philippine gelato scene.

Gelatofix already has branches in Cambodia, Kuwait, Maldives, and Qatar, and the store’s arrival in the Philippines signal the coming of its unique brand of gelato. That isn’t to say that Gelatofix only knows gelatoin fact, they also offer several kinds of hot dishes to go along with the Italian dessert. Here are some of the dishes you can enjoy at Gelatofix:

Winterlust- Gelatofix Spaghetti and RisottoSpaghetti on the left, risotto on the rightwhat more can you ask for?

Risotto Prosciutto Peach

Starting off with a different spin to the classic risotto, this version adds a slice of ham and peach. The ham provides a meaty counterbalance to the soft and sweet peach. It’s worth a try for risotto fans out there.

Spaghetti Portobello

The spaghetti has a distinct spice to it, and the portobello mushroom only adds to this one-of-a-kind flavor. I love how the mushroom feels like a small chunk of pork in my mouth, and it caused me to get a few more servings than I expected.

Winterlust- Gelatofix Gelato Flavors

The gelato

Make no mistake, however. The gelato is Gelatofix’s pride and joy. Using natural ingredients such as hazelnuts and pistachios from the fertile lands of the Piedmont and the Bronte, the chefs of Gelatofix created many variations of the beloved dessert. Warning: the final section of this article contains several variants of gelato you never even knew existed. Spoilers abound.

Winterlust- Gelatofix Gelato Coppe

Gelato Coppe

Let’s start off with a gelato recipe that isn’t too different from what you would see in a regular gelateria. The gelato goes well with the strawberry syrup and the wafer sticks, with a nice sprig of red bean leaves as a topping. It’s a great warm-up (ironically) for the other gelato versions to follow.

Winterlust- Gelatofix Gelato Salad

Gelato Salad

No, I am not kidding. One part fresh and leafy, one part cold and creamy, and both parts awesome, the seasons of spring and winter come together in this well-balanced mixture. Although it may look strange, this combination of gelato and salad easily blends together the crispness of the vegetables and the sweetness of the gelato. This eclectic mix of two seemingly separate foods leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

This salad is an excellent appetizer and a good taste of the other unique gelato combinations Gelatofix offers. Think of it as a snow-covered Christmas tree that you can eat and enjoy!

Winterlust- Gelatofix Magic Boxx

Gelato Bread FillingThe Power of the “Magic Boxx”

This is a wildly creative take on the idea of a gelato. Master Chef David Chang demonstrated how this masterpiece was madehe cut a precise, square-shaped hole in the middle of a stack of sliced toast and filled it with gelato. He then diced the cut portions of the bread and filled it with rich Boston crème and mangoes. It’s amazing how this dessert makes full use of the bread and adds these unique touches to what would otherwise be a stack of toast and gelato.

Toast Mango-Lato, the flavor I tasted, is sweet and crunchy, and eating it allowed me to fulfill my dreams of dunking croutons in Nutella. Mangoes, cream, and gelato have never tasted better together than in this little slice of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, and it’s my favorite among Gelatofix’s confections.

Winterlust- Gelatofix Sushi Gelato

Gelato Sushi

However, being my favorite does not make the Magic Boxx the most inventive and ingenious dish on the menu. That honor belongs to the Gelato Sushi that looks crazy on paper, but just works.

Master Chef Filippo Novelli, one of the winners of the 2010 Gelato World Cup, also demonstrated the making of this dishhe prepared a special mix of oil and gelato, then applied it into a sushi wrapping. Each of the gelato sushi pictured above contains different flavorsone uses ginger, another uses strawberry, and so on. Interestingly, each piece shares common ingredients such as gelato and wasabi. The fact that Gelatofix found a way to make me eat wasabi is a testament to how well-made the Gelato Sushi really is.

Gelatofix brings something that is truly special to the table (and the stomachs of its customers), and you can partake of their offerings starting on August 17. Are you excited to try their creative takes on gelato? Tell us in the comments below!


BGC Corporate Center, 30th Corner 11th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Instagram: @gelatofixphilippines

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