Two Wines for the Perfect Wine Christmas

Wine has somewhat of an unfortunate and misunderstood reputation in the Philippines. For many, it’s the go-to gift for a man we love or respect. So we think of wine as a gift to our dads, uncles, and male bosses. This also ties wine-giving down to a select few occasions; birthdays, Father’s Day celebrations, and company gatherings. What if this year, wine is your gift of choice?

Wine Christmas 2013 by FTI Wine

I’ve been lucky enough to be immersed in this exciting world of grapes and its fermented variations. This is also why wine is my favorite gift to give close friends and family members; it’s a way for me to share what’s important to me. This Christmas, I would highly recommend for you, our readers, to give a bottle instead of a box, and join the Wine Christmas 2013 promotion from FTI Wine and stand a chance to not just enjoy gorgeous New World wine, but score wine hampers as well.

Wine Christmas 2013 sq

Some of the best readily-available wines when in Manila are (thankfully) supplied by FTI Wine. This includes two of my favorite vineyards: Robert Mondavi and Penfold’s.


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