Two Wines for the Perfect Wine Christmas

Wine Christmas 2013 – The Selection

For those into cool-weather American whites, the Chardonnay from Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi is a must-try. Granted, it’s a little bit more complex than many of the popular whites we readily grab from supermarkets. Boasting delicious apples on the palate and a whiff of cinnamon and cider on the nose, it’s the only Chardonnay I like drinking – which is saying a lot, as I’m generally a Riesling geek.

The Rawson’s Retreat blend from Penfold’s should probably be THE wine on your Christmas dinner table this year. Blends are funny things – they can either be completely horrendous, or they can take the best features of two or more grapes and create magic. The Rawson’s Retreat shiraz-cabernet blend is a safe one, featuring two of the more popular varietals around. As such, the strong punch-me-in-the-mouth-with-spices characteristic of shiraz is beautifully tempered by the soft, fruity accents of the cab. It’s an approachable blend, and perfect with Christmas pork, beef, or ham dishes (just make sure the sauces aren’t on the sweet side).

Getting one of these bottles will entitle you to a raffle entry, where you stand a chance to win a wine Christmas hamper. Bottles are available at Raintree Restaurants, and should you win, will be contacted directly as you will be leaving your number and contact details on the raffle stub. The draw for the Wine Christmas 2013 promo will be a few days before Christmas Day, on the twentieth, so hurry!

FTI Wine also supplies great bottles from other wine makers, among them Monkey Bay, a Kiwi brand that produces fruity and vibrant wines; Arrogant Frog, an Old World brand with contemporary wines; and Charlotte Street, an Australian vineyard with interesting blends and a selection of their own varietals.

Wine Christmas 2013


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