Here’s Why You Should Watch Celine Dion Once in Your Life

For the first time in 3 decades, the legendary Celine Dion finally landed in our country for a 2-night concert. Every 90s baby probably knows her songs To Love You More, It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, and Beauty and the Beast. This woman has been an inspiration to a lot of people because she is known in the music industry to be humble, kind and an inspiration to many females out there.

Celine played a huge part in my childhood. Back when I was still around 7 years old, I remember my mom enrolling me to voice lessons and she would always encourage me to sing her songs. Of course, I basically grew up learning and singing her songs during my lessons and karaoke sessions. She was my childhood music hero along with Whitney Houston. I give my all in trying to belt out her song To Love You More during my lessons, as well as Whitney’s The Greatest Love of All.


A throwback to 2006: I was in Las Vegas with my family to attend their New Year’s Eve celebrations. Of course, knowing that Celine Dion performs in Las Vegas, my naïve 11-year old self-hoped to bump into her while walking around. That didn’t happen, obviously, because that’s not how it works. I needed to buy a ticket so I could watch her live.

I didn’t have a dollar in my pocket back then, so I let go of my hopes of ever seeing her.

Fast forward to 2018: who would have thought that the reason why I was not able to see her in Las Vegas that fateful day was because one day, my 23-year old self would finally watch her perform live in our own country? You see, I have long ago let go of the dream to see her. I mean, she is Celine Dion. She sang everyone’s all-time favorite movie’s OST and everyone looks up to her. Even non-Celine fans could agree that she is one of the best performers in the world and not everyone gets the chance to watch her perform live. Watching her LIVE gave me A LOT OF FEELS and I think you need to watch her live at least once in your lifetime, as well. Here’s why.

She doesn’t need an extravagant production.


Celine is an effortless classy performer. I was surprised when I saw her simple stage production at Mall of Asia Arena. No need for stage extensions or extravagant setups. All she needs is her band, a microphone, a piano, and a dramatic backdrop. She doesn’t even need props to make her performance special. She shines so bright to the point that people focus on her and nothing else.

She sings perfectly, even when live.


I’ve listened to her thousands of times on multiplex cassette tapes, CDs, iPod, and Spotify. I must say: those audio recordings of her don’t give justice to her live voice.

Her voice is so emotion-inducing that it gave me legit chills to the bones. I am just so thankful and blessed that at least once in my life, I heard her majestic voice live.

She is not afraid to show her emotions.


This woman is basically just a girl-next-door. She is funny, bubbly, and energetic. She is not afraid to tell you if she wants you to shut up for a while so you can internalize her songs. She is not afraid to show you her pain, her heartaches, and her happiness. She is not afraid to be vulnerable in front of her fans. She ican make fun of herself without losing her composure. She embodies how class makes up a woman without intimidating the masses. She is honestly the epitome of a real woman.

You should hear her sing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ live.


Everyone knows ‘Titanic’. It has been cemented in the world’s cinema history forever. ‘Titanic’ is one of the greatest movie ever made and FIGHT ME ON THIS BUT ‘MY HEART WILL GO ON’ WILL ALWAYS BE AN ICONIC SONG. I honestly cried a bucket of tears while she was singing this. It felt like I was inside the movie on one of those icebergs (the temperature of MOA Arena helped a lot in internalizing this), watching that heartbreaking song of Jack and Rose right in front of me with Celine singing in the background. And that solo instrumental flute at the beginning of the song? Hearing it live was priceless.

Celine is one of the most sincere performers out there.


She danced her heart out without hesitation. She sang as if her life depended on it. Her passion and love for music are incredibly inspiring. In every lyrics and melody that comes out of her mouth, you can feel the sincerity and heart that she puts into it. She is amazing. But what captures her audience is the love in her performances.

She loves her fans so much. I’ve never seen someone perform who is as sincere and heart-warming as Celine Dion.  She does not just sing for herself. She sings for everyone who loves her and her music. Seeing her expression onstage while the Filipinos cried for one more song… she is so humble and down to Earth to the point that she can’t believe that we truly love her and we appreciate her coming to the Philippines. For her last song, she sang ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ a capella, and once again, I cried just as she was teary-eyed in singing her last song for us.

We are lucky to have a Celine Dion alive in our lifetime.

She is one of the purest, nicest, and most sincere performers in our lifetime. I have seen a lot of artists perform on-stage live but this is the first time that I honestly cried in a concert because Celine Dion is the only artist that I’ve ever encountered that didn’t just make us hear her passion for music but she made us feel it too as if we are on-stage with her having this intimate experience.

Celine, thank you for coming to the Philippines. Thank you for showing us the power of love and music. Thank you for sincerely assuring us that despite all the things happening in the world, your songs and music will always be here to inspire us to live a better life.

And most especially, Celine Dion, thank you for making a young girl’s impossible dream come true. You are amazing. We love you!

And of course, thank you Ovation Productions for making Celine Dion’s Concert possible. You guys are amazing. Continue bringing awesome artists here in our country. We appreciate you guys!

Who among all these legendary artists would you want to watch soon? Share it with us! Who knows? Ovation Productions might bring them here soon!