Something you didn’t know you needed: Deadpool dancing around Celine Dion… in heels!

Don’t think we forgot about our friend Deadpool!

Just to make sure he doesn’t fade into obscurity amidst the Avengers: Infinity War hype, Deadpool was sure to rise out of the ashes (so to speak) and make a statement by dancing circles around Celine Dion in heels to promote the upcoming Deadpool sequel!

As if we couldn’t love Ryan Reynolds enough. Now he does this. We are laughing as hard as our hearts are fluttering for him and his sensational dance moves.

Check out the absurd but surprisingly moving music video here:

Not only do they have an elaborate song and dance number interspersed with trailer cutscenes, they also interact at the end. Deadpool asks Celine to tone it down to kind of match with the grit of Deadpool, claiming that she’s “at an 11” and needs to bring it down to a 5. LOL. I love Deadpool. A superhero after my own heart.

Who do you think performed better? Let us know!


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