WATCH: Celine Dion Singing her Beauty and the Beast OST Will Give You Chills

“It was one of the biggest moments of my showbiz career, actually.” Celine Dion talked about her experience working with Disney in 1991 when she was billed to sing on the animated feature film, Beauty and the Beast. She was “so thankful,” she said. She reminisced at her Las Vegas show a week ago.

And so, when fast-forward to 26 years later and Disney approaches her to sing yet again another beautiful song, this time for the live-action adaptation of the same film, she singer quips, “if you put yourself in my shoes…I could not refuse!”

Celine Dion sang the beautiful ballad How Does a Moment Last Forever for the film, and for the first time, live, in Las Vegas. Watch the touching performance in this recording below:

*Wipes tears from eyes*

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