Here’s Why Victoria Beckham Doesn’t Perform With the Spice Girls Anymore

Well-loved girl group Spice Girls just had their reunion tour without Posh Spice. Now, Victoria Beckham finally clears the air on why she doesn’t like to be involved and perform with the group anymore.

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In a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show, Victoria was asked if she ever missed being onstage with the rest of the Spice Girls.

In reply, she said: “Do you know, I had so much fun and I’m still close with the girls. And I was so proud of them and everything that they did. [The reunion] was a huge success. But you know, for me, I loved it when I did it. But I feel like a very different person now.”

“I’ve got four children, and I’m really busy doing what I’m doing,” she added, referring to the career she now has in the fashion industry.

Despite not touring with them anymore, Victoria clarifies that she will always have everyone’s backs and root for them from a distance.

“Though I was supporting them enormously, and was so proud of them. And I’ll always be a Spice Girl. I’ll always be Posh Spice. Always,” she said.

Awww, Spice Girls forever!

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