Why Thanos is the Villain That You Will Love (Spoiler-Free!)

Marvel Studios can definitely exceed their hype. Unlike other superhero movies that just disappoint when it comes to executing the story of their heroes, Marvel has this tried and tested formula that charms their fans all over the world.


Obviously, with the culminating movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they went all out. The trailers we all saw, the hype they all made, everything was worth the wait. From the direction of the Russo brothers, to the cinematography, AND choreography of every action scene…wow. And don’t even get me started on how visually appealing the effects were. I could say this movie is the future of the Hollywood movie industry, but if that were the case then the future’s already here.


What this movie showed us is that our superheroes are not at all indestructible. Not in a literal sense (because I know there is hope) but in a figurative manner. In Infinity War, they showed that they don’t win all the time. They are not perfect and they will not achieve victory in every movie they star in. That’s the beauty of Marvel Studios. They give realistic stories amidst the obviously intergalactic fantasy that they created.

While watching the whole movie though, what caught my attention is Thanos’ backstory. The motivation of Thanos to be full evil in the comics has been different from the movie (this only means that you don’t really need to read all the comics to follow the movie). The movie explores more of a deeper regard to what really makes Thanos evil. In the movie, we also saw a softer side of him wherein when everyone thought that he loved no one, lo and behold he actually feels sentimental at times. Let me stop there. I promised a spoiler-free movie review. His story made everyone (or not all) love him naturally.

I guess it’s the way that Marvel makes us connect with the villains’ stories more. There is this point in the movie where you will definitely see him struggle in choosing what was a vital point in the storyline. Among all the villains that we’ve been introduced through the whole MCU, Thanos is someone who could play with your emotions. He gives us a sense of what it is to weigh between what is good and what is bad to the point that we can actually consider taking his side. Although, of course, we still know that his plans, no matter how good is still done with evil. I think he is just the perfect guy for Infinity War.

Marvel Cinematic Universe never fails its fans. I think this is one of the major reasons why, with all those solid ten years, no matter what superhero movies came out, the world remained loyal to them. They have mastered a well-crafted formula that doesn’t go wrong. Their story, the wittiness of each and every character, the play of emotions—it is still there. And I am sure it is not going anywhere.


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Who do you think will survive and forever perish in the next Avengers movie? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!


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