The Only Thing I Didn’t Like about ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Every Marvel geek in the world has waited for ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ to come out and yesterday, the day finally came. I was able to catch our block screening with PMCM Management at Resorts World Manila last night, and was it worth it? HELL YEAH, IT WAS!

To be honest, just finally seeing almost all of our favorite Marvel superheroes come together in a single movie would have been enough for me to say that the movie rocked. Fortunately, that wasn’t the only reason why it rocked, though. As is the case with most movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ‘Infinity War’ was on point on practically every level: the cast, the action scenes, the effects, the wit – you name it!

As much as I would like to write a proper review on this movie and all of the aforementioned points that I loved, though, I also know that a lot of people still haven’t been able to watch ‘Infinity War’ and I really don’t want to ruin anything. The experience I had in the cinemas with people clapping, cheering, and gasping in shock are all things that I want everyone else to be able to experience, as well. As such, all you really need to know right now is that the movie is definitely worth it and that I would highly recommend watching it on the big screen if you can.

There is one thing that I didn’t like about ‘Infinity War’, though: everything about it felt sort of rushed. Every scene, every attempt to make us feel anything, every appearance of a character we missed, every flashback of a memory… every time I felt myself getting involved in something happening in ‘Infinity War’, the moment would already have passed.

I wanted to see more of certain characters (wow, writing this without specifics is harder than I thought lol). I wanted longer screen time for each sequence in the movie. Even the stunning planets that they visited didn’t get nearly enough screen time. I guess there are just far too many awesome characters in the MCU right now to give them all justice in a single movie.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Everything was well done and as mentioned, the movie as a whole is awesome. I also understand that we can’t have a 5-hour Avengers movie to satiate our geeky hearts, but each scene was so bitin for me. Can you imagine how freaking amazing it would be if all of the scenes were longer instead of feeling like mini trailers being stitched together to make one movie? Still, it was unexpected and very, very awesome. And Thanos? I’m happy to say he was awesome, too.

Have you seen ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ yet? Send me a message on Facebook (When in Manila Angeline), so we can talk about it!!! 😀

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