Why Can’t In-N-Out Just Open a Store in the Philippines Instead of Having Random Pop-ups?

In-N-Out is based in the United States, but has made guest appearances in the Philippines, London, and Tokyo, just to name a few. There is always a frenzy when their pop-up stores appear in the Philippines. When announcements are made, lines are expected; and of course, everyone falls in love with it. But why does In-N-Out only do pop-up stores instead of opening an actual store here?

Many thought that In-N-Out uses these pop-ups to test out the market in different countries, but it turns out it’s more than that.

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The reason behind this is because they have to make sure that trademark laws are on their side. In Australia, there is a law where you have to use the trademark within five years; otherwise, the brand could lose protection of their trademarked properties, like their business name and logo.

There are different trademark laws in different countries and the reason for their pop-ups in the Philippines could be different. With the recent opening of Shake Shack and Popeye’s in the Philippines, it could also be to solidify their stand in their market for making great burgers.

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There have been no announcements from In-N-Out if they have plans of overseas expansions, so for now, you can simply get a taste of it when you travel or when they hold their pop-ups in the country.