WhiteMoon Bar / Lounge Overlooking the Bay at Manila Ocean Park

Deep within the dark and hidden realms of the Manila Ocean Park lies a little secret that few have yet to discover. Something more captivating than the aquariums of sharks or clown fish. It is indeed a mystical place that only a child, pure of heart, such as me, and little boys that still suck on their mothers bosom, can find.

I’m talking about WhiteMoon Bar deep within the walls of the Manila Ocean Park!

Ok, just kidding about all that pure of heart stuff. I was in the adventurous “Pirates of the┬áCaribbean” type of writing mode… but fortunately for you adventure seekers, I still do present you with some hidden booty… and I mean that in both hidden gems and sweet, sexy asses.

The hot and sophisticated crowd knows of this hidden gem I speak of. It’s really not easy to find as you won’t really be in this part of town unless you’re with your kid at the Manila Ocean Park, or if some┬ájet-setter lets you in on this secret.

Our jet-setter friend who informed us of this was fellow blogger Nina Terol of ┬áChangeMakersPhilippines.com & NinaTerol.com. On the other hand, your jet-setter friend who’s telling you about White Moon Bar is WhenInManila.com.

Anyway, WhiteMoon Bar may soon be very popular, especially after the Manila Ocean Park Hotel opens up. But for now, you have to drive through the late night gates of Manila Ocean Park, find parking for your car in the left hand side after you enter, walk towards the lit up stairs, walk into the abandoned Manila Ocean Park, walk up to the second floor, and find the balcony where the White Moon Bar sits atop an amazing view of the bay.

I arrived at the bar / lounge late at night, so unfortunately missed the sunset that Manila Bay is so known for. Either way, it was still very nice and serene there. The sounds of the water ,the shine of the moonlight, and the free flowing drinks from the bar made it for an awesome night.

Adding more the the tranquility of the evening were performances from Nina and her husband Paul Z. Nina read out some poetry while Paul later went on stage for his famous “Water Bottle Drumming” and “Kali Drumming” performance. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s for a whole different post, but in a nutshell, you need to see Paul Z express his musical┬ápercussionistic talents on his drums. It is something you will truly appreciate.

Word on the street is that Sunset Poetry readings with Nina and nighttime drumming with Paul Z may be a staple for this new bar.  So I definitely recommend coming down here with a date, or a group of friends who want to relax and sit by the sea.

White Moon Bar is an outdoor bar inside the Manila Ocean Park. You will be sitting on white leather seats while overlooking the magnificent Manila Bay. I liked this place for the peacefulness it offered while still giving me a feeling of a party night out. This is a perfect place where you can have music playing just loud enough where you can still hear your date talk. Best of all, the Manila Sunset with Poetry Readings sounds like a sure-fire hit when trying to impress your date.

Oh and forgive the crappy video. Wasn’t really expecting to do a feature on this place and didn’t have any good equipment on me. Really just wanted to share it with you so went ahead and made lemonade out of the lemons I had.

So next time, When In Manila, come out for a relaxing or romantic night at the serene and sophisticated White Moon Bar within the Manila Ocean Park. Do check out their Sunset Poetry sessions with Paul Z and Nina Terol!

Name of venue: WhiteMoon Bar

Address: 2F Sunset Quay, Manila Ocean Park (2nd floor inside Manila Ocean Park / Behind Quirino Grandstand)

Phone Number:  0917-8154181

Facebook Page: WhiteMoon Bar Facebook Page

Last photo credits to WhiteMoon Bar Facebook Page

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