WhenInManila Facebook Page Reaches Over 40 Million Impressions Per Week

WhenInManila Facebook Page Reaches Over 40 Million Impressions Per Week


We’ve been hitting a lot of great milestones lately! 

First, our website “WhenInManila.com” reached one million views per month. Following this, the site then hit one million unique views, and then it hit our all time high of one and a half million views within a 30 day period! (screenshots here – WIM 1 Million)

Following that, our social media accounts started to explode! First we started to get record numbers of contests applicants, reaching over 25 thousand entries in just one contest alone! (screenshots here – WIM 25,000 contest entries) Along with that, our Facebook page also started to expand drastically! We were so excited when we hit 2o million people per week back in January 2014 (screenshots here – WIM FB 20 million per week) and we thought it couldn’t get much better than that…. but oh were we wrong! 

Just one month after, we’re not hitting all time highs with our WhenInManila Facebook page reaching over 40 million impressions per week! 

Here are some more numbers from this historical week for us:


180,348 Total Page Likes

11,173 New Page Likes

42,397,009 Total Reach this week

6,127,623 People Engaged (the unique number of people who liked, commented, shared or clicked on our posts according to Facebook)

675,328 Post’s Likes



14,407,697 Post Clicks

This week also, we had one post with 8923,700+ views and another with 538,400+ views. 

The lowest amount of views a single post received this week was 10,000+


But don’t take our word for it, check out this screenshot below:


WIM FB Facebook 42 million 2014 GOOD



WhenInManila.com is the top online magazine in Manila and the Philippines. Founded in 2009, the site gets up to and over One Million (1,000,000+) views per month, not mentioning the hundreds of thousands of fans and followers on their social media accounts.  

WhenInManila.com recently ranked within the 200 most viewed sites in the Philippines by Alexa.

WhenInManila.com was awarded as the #1 Emerging Influential Blog for 2010 and named one of the Rotary’s 10 Tourism Awardees for 2012, an honor shared with the likes of Zobel Ayala, Andrew Tan (chairman of Mega World & owner of Resorts World), Miguel Belmote (CEO of the Philippine Star) and more, for the 2012 batch. Additionally, we were awarded the title of “Ultimate Food Blogger” by Unilever / Sooo Pinoy organization. Furthermore, we were just named the Best Photo Blog and Microblog in the Philippines at the Globe Tatt Awards. 

Follow them on Instagram and Twitter @WhenInManila and @VinceGolangco


 Email Vince@WhenInManila.com for any advertising queries or to feature your brand / product.

Thanks to all our friends, supporters, contributors and community members! We couldn’t have done it without you! 


WhenInManila Facebook Page Reaches Over 40 Million Impressions Per Week