When OASIS PACO PARK HOTEL Became An Oasis In My Eyes

When In Manila, with a couple of eventful months in tow, it is not unlikely for summer season to just pass me by I can almost cry… Although I am not complaining, and perhaps because I did not complain, fate granted me my unspoken wish by receiving an invite from our Managing Editor for a weekend staycation at OASIS PACO PARK HOTEL

Still trying to absorb the wonderful experience I have had a day before for an overnight stay at a five star hotel in Taguig, now I’d be spending my weekend at Oasis Paco Park Hotel, in the heart of Manila or Maynila (which is different from Metro Manila, by the way). Immediately, I figured a compass would be handy.

oasis map

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Born in Kyusi (Quezon City), raised in Los Banos and went back to Quezon City during my adolescent years, trying to locate an address in “Maynila” is sort of going to an expedition. An egghunt!

Oasis Paco Park Hotel, known as the original boutique hotel for over 20 years and formerly referred to as Paco Park Hotel, with all the renovation it received since the early quarter of the previous year, is able to maintain the “reminds-me-of-Old-Manila” feel.

Able to find my way, a security officer gave me a slight nod. What a relief…Mang Dador, had a ready smile as he gestured me to the front desk. As soon as the two ladies stood  up from behind the desk and gave me a very warm welcome, I, in turn, saw Mae Ilagan who asked me to check out the room assigned to us after some introduction as she was speaking to the hotel’s Room Manager Division, Miss Pauline when I popped in.



Combining antique and modern interiors, Oasis Paco Park Hotel has a capacity of 50 rooms that range from PHP 3,500 – 6,000, from Economy Rooms to Family Rooms, and that of Hotel Suite, depending on your need and the hotel’s rules/conditions such are, standard check-in time is 2:00pm and check-out time is 12 noon and group rates are available upon request.

As for my purpose, I wanted to proceed with little effort. So, instead of grabbing my pen and notebook (old school writing works best for me), I headed for the bed that felt like it held me so tight that when I  woke up, from what I thought was just a short slumber, it was already time for dinner!


Extremely large bed in a spacious room!



Deluxe Room

Such a waste because I also wanted to go for a swim! Right. No swimming pool will ever escape these eyes of mine. To lessen my annoyance of myself, I opted to check the bathroom instead which totally blew away the dark clouds that floated on top of my head because it is so huge!

Reminds me of bathrooms in ancestral houses.

Reminds me of bathrooms in ancestral houses.


Freshened up, Mae and I were on our feet to go downstairs because there’s where dinner should be served. But first things first… towards the staircase!

Every step down the stairs led to a captivating courtyard surrounded by yellow lights which gave the place a cross between nostalgic and romantic glow that revealed how charming this boutique hotel can be, especially at night…then suddenly, I felt so calm.

The Courtyard at Oasis Paco Park Hotel

The Courtyard at Oasis Paco Park Hotel



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