When Learning Helps : Share the Love Lettering Workshop

When in Manila , one cannot deny that it is a place where most people cannot afford the basic necessities of life. Solving poverty and hunger experienced by families remain a primary concern in our country. It has been so big even the government cannot solve it on its own. Private institutions and other NGOs have also conducted their own way of helping out.   

That is what Share Movement is all about. Spearheaded by Ms. Jam Pangilinan, it is a venue to help raise funds for Joseph Feeding Mission (JFM) Program and hopefully abolish the nation’s hunger problems little by little.


Share the Love00025

 Share The Love Lettering Workshop is a fundraising event for the benefit of the Joseph Feeding Mission (JFM) Program 


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Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to do all these?


Through Share a Movement’s fundraising workshops, they have been able to feed Filipinos suffering from hunger regularly. Such workshops like this Lettering workshop last Feb 15 with bloggers Abbey Sy and Denise Labordo.


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 Ayeza and I with Denise Labordo and Abbey Sy!


This Share the Love workshop with the same bloggers mentioned above have not just helped aspiring lettering practitioners with their craft but also the starving families in the Philippines.

Share the Love00021

This beautiful lettering was done by one of the students of the Share the Love workshop. Nice, right?





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