When In Manila, Stop Waiting and Live More


When In Manila, I’ve been able to find the most amazing people, places and things, thanks of course to our blog and the people who appreciate what we do.


It all started out as me just wanting to share stories about my adventures and slowly, more and more contributors also wanted to share their stories on our site.




WhenInManila.com discovering the Philippines – Live More #livemore



The invites started to come in and we would get invited to the biggest events, the yummiest restaurants and the coolest parties. We’d also meet the most amazing people and discover some of the most unique stories this side of the globe! talk about being able to live more in life! 




WhenInManila.com meeting the President – Live More #livemore



Of course, the only way we get to share these stories are when we get to connect to the world wide web and upload our pictures and blogs there.




WhenInManila.com at Boracay – Live More #livemore



I still remember when I would have unreliable connections on my phone. I would get texts hours and sometimes event days late. In fact, I still wonder if there were any event invites that never came through.


It was then that I knew that I needed something more reliable. I mean, think about it. One missed text could be a big adventure that I’m missing out on. One missed connection could be that one big break we miss out on for our jobs and careers.




WhenInManila.com on our way to climb Mt. Pinatubo – Live More #livemore



In fact, it was just last week that one of our senior writers, Mae Ilagan, was out discovering new restaurants. She was joining a search for the “Ultimate Food Blogger” representing WhenInManila.com. The winner would get to fly all around the Philippines and try out 101 restaurants.


Mae called me the day before asking about what USB Internet stick she should get for her big final round. I immediately told her that Smart has been the most reliable.



smart livemore



To make a long story short, here’s her blog post for that final round –https://www.wheninmanila.com/home-is-where-the-tummy-is-the-sooo-pinoy-foods-that-remind-you-of-home/


and here’s the blog post about WhenInManila.com winning and being named as the “Ultimate Food Blogger!” – https://www.wheninmanila.com/and-the-winner-for-the-sooo-pinoy-search-for-the-ultimate-pinoy-food-blogger-is-drumroll/



Thanks Smart! Definitely reliable! Being connected is now just one thing less we have to worry about. Now, we can just live more and worry less.


When In Manila,  if you’re ready to start living and stop waiting, if you want to Live More (#LIVEMORE), then you too need to get Smart now!



Live More with Smart







Live More with Smart #livemore



When In Manila, Stop Waiting and Live More

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