Home is Where the Tummy Is: The Sooo Pinoy Foods that Remind you of Home

Wherever you might be in the world, when it comes to food; the most delectable, most mouth watering and most MMMmmmmm inspiring foods, are those that remind you of home.


Maybe that’s why Filipino dishes are so lovely.


No matter where you go around the globe, Filipino dishes have a certain feel to them. The best chefs and culinary artists always have that home cooked feel to their masterpieces. Either some secret ingredient handed down for generations in their family or simply that special touch that their Lola (grandmother) taught them when they were young.


When In Manila, and you’re ever in search for some true Pinoy cuisine, then I recommend you try a soup, and a “pulutan” (appetizer type foods that Pinoys love eating while drinking beer). Here are my picks for the best Pinoy Soups, Pulutans and dishes with that touch of home:



Sentro 1771



Corned beef Sinigang


It’s that classic favorite, with a dash of modern.


Sinigang with a much prettier and tastier variety.


My two favorites, Sinigang and Corned Beef… who would’ve thought they go AMAZING together?







Sizzling Tofu Sisig

Your favorite unhealthy food… now in the healthy variant.


Guilt free, until you have it with beer.


Beer and Tofu can finally go together. 






Krocodile Grille 



Frog Legs in Garlic


It’s more frog in the Philippines.


Crispy tender juicy peppery and piquant frog legs deep fried to perfection! It’s time for you to overcome that fear of eating.


It tastes like chicken, but with a stronger kick. 




Sisig Lengua


A definite delicacy that’s have you licking the rest of the plate.


Lengua when translated to English… actually means… well… let’s just say it tastes much better than it sounds.


Two words my friends usually use to describe this dish are: Mmmmmm Mmmmmmm






Felly J’s Kitchen



Sinigang na Bangus Belly


The ultimate classic for Pinoy soups and dishes with the perfect mix of unique ingredients.


It’s the yummiest belly that you’ll want in your belly.


This dish reminds me of the Philippines, it’s a melting pot of very different ingredients, that somehow all go well together. 





Lamb Caldereta



Tomato Based Lamb Stew that’ll have you craving for more.


Add some local steamed rice and you’re guaranteed a taste of heaven.


As my mom once said to me: “I love Lamb Caldereta, it’s not baaaaaaaad” (with a sheepish voice)




When In Manila, the Philippines, or the world, be sure to try one of these amazing dishes that’ll have you reminiscing on how it feels like to be home! 


You can change the ingredients, add the fusion, modernize the recipe, mix it with worldly spices, but that taste of home will still overpower the rest. That’s what makes a Pinoy dish… well… that’s what makes them Sooo Pinoy!



Home is Where the Tummy Is: The Sooo Pinoy Foods that Remind you of Home

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