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When in Manila, if you hear the word Alabang what do you think about? Google suggests Alabang Girls, a song by Andrew E that became popular on the airwave during the 80’s that later became a movie starring Gloria Romero, Janno Gibbs, Donita Rose, Ruby Rodriguez, Ana Roces, Andrew E, etc.



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San Beda Alabang Ruby Anniversary “40 Artists at 40”


Others would think of the massive houses in Ayala Alabang Village. Others would think of San Beda College. There are quite a number of schools in Alabang and one of the oldest and most well known is San Beda College Alabang (formerly known as Benedictine Abbey) which is located in Alabang Hills in Muntinlupa City.




San Beda Alabang Ruby Anniversary “40 Artists at 40”



San Beda Alabang was founded by Benedictine monks in the Philippines in 1972. The founder of Ordo Sancti Benedicti and Patron of Europe, St. Benedict, who was born in Italy in A.C.E. 480, founded the initial ten monasteries after undergoing a deeply spiritual experience in a cave.


The institution is part of the San Beda College which also has a campus in Mendiola in Manila. It is known for its School of Arts & Sciences, its College of Law, the Fidel V. Ramos Research Center, its cheering squad and UAAP basketball team, the San Beda Lions, and its museum. It has graduated notable Filipinos like Senator Pia Cayetano, author Samantha Sotto, Rico Blanco, Bianca King, and Ryan Agoncillo, just to name a few.




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On 11 July 2012, the school will be celebrating its Ruby Anniversary with the theme: “One Community A Shared Destiny, Moving Ahead at Forty.” 

One of the major events is the inauguration of an art exhibition titled “40 Artists at 40” at Gallery II of the San Beda Alabang Museum. Forty artists’ works will be on display, including pieces by national artists Ang Kiukok, Federico Aguilar Alcuaz, Jose Joya, and Fernando Amorsolo.

Contemporary artists including Alee Garibay, Ambee Abaño, Elmer Borlongan, Aris Soriano as well as sculptors, illustrators, and mixed media artists are included in the show.




San Beda Alabang Ruby Anniversary “40 Artists at 40”



40 Artists at 40 is curated by Joseph Renta. Joseph Renta has been singlehandedly (well, he has one assistant, Edward Ong Suco) curating exhibitions for San Beda since 2008. He is also the curator of the Philip John Lhuiller Gallery and Museo Walo, both in Alabang, Muntinlupa City.




San Beda Alabang Museum Director Joseph Renta (far right) with María Zeneida “Nini” Quezón-Avancena, the daughter of the late President Manuel L. Quezon (second from left), Baboo Mondenedo (3rd from left), and Mrs. Viel Aquino-Dee, the daughter of Ninoy and Cory Aquino (second from right) at the opening of the exhibition “Laban! A Love Story.” 



For this exhibition he tried to gather artists from as broad a range of disciplines as possible in order to showcase all that Filipino art has to offer. Not afraid to take chances and experiment, he has even curated a comic book exhibition in the past. For the inauguration, live music will also be provided courtesy of Alabang-based musical duo The Slinks.




Portrait of former Chief Justice Claudio Teehankee by the late National Artist Federico Aguilar Alcuaz courtesy of the Teehankee family available for viewing at San Beda Alabang Ruby Anniversary “40 Artists at 40”



Some of the pieces, such as the one shown above, were generously donated by private collectors, while others were restored, discovered, unearthed, or created by artists for the show. Many have not been available for public viewing until now.


bencab twins

Stolen: Twins by BenCab. Not included at San Beda Alabang Ruby Anniversary “40 Artists at 40” source



What makes this exhibition worth visiting, aside from the fact that here is a chance to experience great Filipino art, some which have not been available for public viewing before, is the fact that it is different from a regular art exhibit. In Manila, art is everywhere, however these are in commercial galleries whose aim is to sell and whose main target are collectors who treat the purchases as investments. San Beda Museum’s primary aim is the to make Filipino-made art accessible, and being in a school, it aims to foster the appreciation of Filipino-made art in children at an early age.


The exhibition opens on July 10 at 10a and runs until the 9th of August 2012 at the Gallery II, San Beda Alabang Museum.


So When In Manila, celebrate Filipino art by visiting the San Beda Alabang Museum’s exhibition “40 Artists at 40”!


San Beda Alabang Ruby Anniversary: 40 Artists at 40 


San Beda Alabang:  https://www.sanbeda-alabang.edu.ph


San Beda Alabang Museum facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sanbeda.alabangmuseum


San Beda College facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/San-Beda-College/57675700946