When And What Was The Most Recent Random Act of Kindness You Did?

Same day, two years ago, my friends and I gave out sandwiches and bottled drinks to homeless people along Session Road, Baguio City. The moment we handed the food to these people, there was some kind of warm feeling or some sort of a momentary bond that filled the air. Then and there, we felt how surprised and grateful they were for a random act of kindness even if it was only something as simple as a sandwich.

Yup! Today, February 17, is Random Act of Kindness Day. While it is true that everyday should be a day of kindness, let’s pause for a second and reflect. Do we really take time every single day to do something nice for our loved ones, colleagues and even strangers?

And so, we asked some friends this question: When and what was the most recent random act of kindness you did?

“Just this morning, my driver and I were on our way to school. We saw a woman in her late 30s unloading 4 drinking water compartments in 5 gallons capacity. We stopped and helped her unload it from her electric bike in a sidecar.” – Ian

“Linibre ko ng siomai yung bata sa labas ng school namin.”Miggy

“Today, I smiled and greeted people, mostly my co-workers, that I met along the hallway.”Tara

“I leave anonymous letters in people’s Ask.FM accounts. The letters are mostly about their positive traits, and I thank them for their daily acts of kindness that often go unnoticed.”Becky

“Nilibre ko friend ko ng lunch kasi she found out that someone might have stolen 1k from her wallet so she has no money that day.”Alvin

“I gave my food to the pulubi sa jeep.”Vanze

“We helped this motorcycle driver na nahimatay. Nung una kala namin nabangga but nahimatay sa init and blood pressure went up. We stopped and rushed him sa hospital.”Millie

“Nakabalik na ako sa office after buying lunch tapos may nagtext sa akin na nagpapabili ng lunch, bumalik ako sa store.” – Pat

“Someone sent me 8 buckets of Chickenjoy last week and I gave them to street kids.”Anj

“I bought my boss coffee this morning.”Karl

“This morning, I prepared a better than usual breakfast for my boyfriend because I was feeling extra.”Hya

“I played with stray dogs and cats.”Celenea

“I was in Ayala Triangle a few weeks ago and a student approached me selling bracelets for their outreach project in school. He was really very enthusiastic when he was telling me about their project. He even gave me his Facebook page. I bought the 100 pesos bracelet.”Iel

“That’ll be today. Somebody called in sick at work but she needs to finish a design today, so I volunteered to do her work instead.” Lillie

Here’s mine: I gave a small amount of money to a homeless Lola I saw today, and I bought tea for my boyfriend because it helps him relax at work.

Let’s all spread kindness today and every day!

When and what was the most recent random act of kindness you did? Tell us in the comments.


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