What’s In My Bag: 5 Kinds of Modern Filipinas According to What They Carry

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman with necessities that outnumber her fingers is in need of a bag. However, little known are the contents of such an item which she takes with her as she ventures out into the world—and it’s important to note that the contents play a big role in providing others a glimpse of who she really is.  Join us as we delve into the “insides” of five modern Filipinas you encounter every day.

Think you can identify with some of them?

5. Bb. Rookie

What's In My Bag: The Five Kinds of Modern Filipinas

Oh, to be young. Our first binibini dances through life with the blind idealism of a rookie yet to learn the rules to the game of life. She has yet to understand what the fuss on pepper spray is all about and why her friends keep it in their purses when they can live a light, carefree life just as she doeswith a trusty bag she can sling across or over her shoulder. She is a firm believer in Hakuna Matata, and chooses to look past her worries as she carpe diems the day away. Deep within the secret pocket of her bag are extra makeup supplies as she never knows if she’ll come across some great lighting to snap the potentially perfect selfie on her day out.

4. Bb. Generation Gap

What's In My Bag: The Five Kinds of Modern Filipinas

She is the physical embodiment of society’s perception of a millennial. Tech savvy, independent, and a tad insane for thinking it’s safe to carry around that many gadgets in Manila. She’s got gadgets and gizmos aplenty and sports the latest trends in sunnies, makeup, and especially technology! How she managed to fit a whole other world into her chic little handbag truly leaves others in awe. She even manages to properly maneuver gadgets such as a cushion foundation to even out her skin and a 2-in-1 brow pencil to keep her brows looking…what do they call it? On fleek? Ding, ding—generation gap alert! And it’s around her that you might feel it the most.

3. Bb. Ride Or Die

What's In My Bag: The Five Kinds of Modern Filipinas

This binibini is the perfect friend to help you answer the call of adventure! You can count on her to help you create exciting memories as you venture into all sorts of possibilities around the metro. In her drawstring pack, she carries a portable fan you can easily plug into the charging socket of her phone to help you beat the Manila heat and to stay looking fresh as the opportunity to take a snap could arise any time. She’s got your back with a trusty power bank which she deems absolutely essential as you two go on your adventures, in case you guys drain your phones while taking entertaining snaps and preserving your memories through pictures worthy of title feed goals.

2. Bb. Independent

What's In My Bag: The Five Kinds of Modern Filipinas

Street smart + savvy = this binibini! She is no stranger to public transport and is considered a legend to most of her friends when it comes to battle strategies against rush hour. Her friends often describe her as beauty, grace, and courage. She’ll punch you in the face when provoked. She doesn’t dare to bring her hard earned touch screen phone out unless she deems herself completely safe in a closed space nor does she leave the house without her trusty pepper spray or baby wipes. She makes sure to keep up with the latest trends in sunnies and sports these as she braves the streets of Manila and makes a bold statement against the heat when she brings out her trusty fan. As she journeys home after a long day, she lives vicariously through her favorite pack of crackers, hoping a certain John Lloyd will magically appear beside her to lament over the day’s events.

1. Bb. Virtuoso

What's In My Bag: The Five Kinds of Modern Filipinas

Staying true to her title, this binibini is highly skilled in her artistic pursuit and can be found mooching for inspiration in cozy cafes all over the metro. In her cute little pack, she carries her weapons of mass creation alongside any available item to scribble on. She keeps a trusty tumbler to fill with creative juices—which the baristas at the café simply recognize as her regular order. She’s become such a regular that the baristas know better than to question her odd position as she attempts to take the perfect flatlay. She is a firm believer that as technology flourishes, so will art because of the multitude of platforms it can now be shared in—which is why she carries a tablet just in case. But every now and then, you’ll catch her scribbling away on a paper towel from the café as she quietly leaves a witty message for the next inhabitant of that cozy seat by the window.

So…which of these binibinis are you? Did we nail it? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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