Achieve Kardashian Selfie Levels With Lumee Case PH

Have you ever wandered around Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian’s Instagram accounts and thought to yourself: “Their selfies are on fleek!” Well, the secret to those selfies is an iPhone case called Lumee.

Kim herself has sung praises of the Lumee case since January 2016 and even wrote a blog post about how “obsessed” she is with the phone case, confessing that it is the secret to her well-lit selfies.

The Lumee case has been dubbed as the first-ever smartphone case that offers front-facing LED lights so that you can have the perfect lighting for selfies and even video calls.

lumee case

Fortunately for us in the Philippines, the Lumee cases are now available to us via Instagram. I discovered it while browsing around the social media platform and decided to try it out through @lumeecase_ph who was selling it for a fairly affordable price.

I decided to get the Rosegold case for my iPhone 6 and it arrived just after 2 days. The first thing I noticed about the case was how light it was and how incredibly easy it was to use. The button used to turn on the lights is strategically placed where you can easily reach it from it behind when you’re taking a selfie. The case also came with a USB cable that you use to charge the case before a night out with the girls.

There are three brightness settings on the case that would be helpful in both low light situations and situations wherein you just want to add an extra ‘glow’ to your photos.


With regard to the case’s battery life, I charged mine for half an hour and haven’t charged it since (seeing as I have used it only a couple timesaside from selfies, for searching for my keys at night and using the front camera to retouch my makeup). According to the Lumee case founder, you only need to charge the case “once a month, depending on how often you use it.”

For those who are worried about the extra bulk, it’s honestly not that much. It does not add any additional weight to the phone, and it looks really nice. Ultimately, the Lumee case did not disappoint. And for the price, it’s worth it! This is a great phone accessory to own for your squad photo selfies. I can imagine using it in concerts and music festivals coming up!

You can get your own Lumee Case for P1,600 (iPhone 5/5s) and P1,800 for the iPhone 6/6s/6+and the 6s+ at @lumeecase_ph the best prices I’ve seen so far.

Lumee Case PH

Instagram: @lumeecase_ph
Mobile number: 0977-822-4652

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