What Your Favorite Cookie Says About You and Your Friends

Have you ever paid attention to the friends you have in your social circles? No, I’m not talking about the things they wear, or the words they say. I mean, really take a look at them and their differences in personalities. Notice how you have a certain friend that you go to whenever you need advice, and how you can always rely on another friend to crack you up with her crazy antics. Think of how there’s always that one person who’s always up for anything – be it a movie at 7:30pm or a spontaneous El Nido getaway in two days.

Just like a barkada where different friends come with their own special characteristics, the same can be applied to a box of assorted cookies. Think about it. Cookies are made in various shapes and sizes, and it’s almost a crime not to try and sample every flavor there is.

There’s oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter, peanut butter AND chocolate chip; and these are just to name a few.

And that’s what this article is for. It’s made to help you determine the kinds of friends you do have and just to add a bit of fun, it’ll let you figure out their cookie counterpart as well. Let’s begin!


Oatmeal Cookie

5. Oatmeal Cookies

These are the friends who tell you stuff as it is. Known for being a tough cookie sometimes, these are the people who don’t sugarcoat details because they know the importance of honesty in a friendship. They’re the ones who’ll tell you that your newly bought dress looks like it was a mistake, but they’ll also be the friends ready to get into a catfight if someone attempts to steal your boyfriend.

Don’t worry, they don’t purposely want to get your feelings hurt. They just know that it’s better to be upfront with you about it rather than have you getting embarrassed when you hear it from someone else a few hours after.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

4. Chocolate Chip/Chunk Cookies

There’s no wonder as to why chocolate chip cookies are one of the most loved kinds of comfort food. They’re delectably sweet and deliciously sinful thanks to the chocolate chunks; they’re tasty when crisp and even more irresistable when soft and gooey; to top it off, they’re amazing when washed down with a glass of cold milk.

Chocolate chip cookies are your best friends in the barkada. They’re the ones you run to when you’ve got into a horrible fight with your family, and they wouldn’t dare interrupt when you try and explain what happened in between sobs and tears. They’re the friends who’ve been there for every sleepover and are guaranteed a spot on your bridesmaid list for your future wedding. They’re the people your family treats as your sister and they’ve even been invited to a few family trips and celebrations over the years.

Just like the reputation that the good ol’ chocolate chip cookie has, these friends are the ones that will stick with you until the end. They’ll always be your favorites in the barkada.

Surprise Cookies

3. Stuffed Cookies

Every now and then you’ll come across a cookie with a bombshell in the center. Whether it’s a dollop of Nutella or an Oreo hidden inside another cookie, it’ll always come off as a pleasant surprise. This brings the topic of the next type of friend.

The cookie that comes with a surprise represents the person you never in a million years you thought you’d have as a close friend. Maybe you two were enemies beforehand – because of some petty argument involving a trail of gossip – or perhaps you two were simply brought about by pure coincidence. Whatever the situation may be, it gave you and that person something to bond over – an instance so memorable and significant that it introduced you to someone you now call a good friend.

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