El Nido Palawan Island Beauty: The Ultimate Island Paradise Getaway


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When In Manila and you’re looking for that ULTIMATE island getaway, I mean the really luxurious, exotic, away-from-it-all type of island getaway, then Palawan is one of your best bets!


I recently got a chance to visit the El Nido Resort in Palawan and I am completely speechless!


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Palawan-El-Nido-Asus-Zenbook-Ultra-Thin-Laptop-Ultrabook-Zen-Book-When-In-Manila-Philippines-WhenInmanila  (235)


Palawan is widely known as one of the most beautiful places in the country and what’s even more impressive is their stance and the initiative they’ve taken to keep their region clean and green! So we at WhenInManila.com have nothing but support and positive things to say about them!


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The trip to El Nido Palawan consists of small planes, big jeeps, small boats into medium sized bankas and more! Lots of transfers and changes, but it was all worth it!


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Anyway, I was here in El Nido Palawan for the Philippines’ launch of the new Asus Zenbook, which was just as awesome as Palawan itself.



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Palawan-El-Nido-Asus-Zenbook-Ultra-Thin-Laptop-Ultrabook-Zen-Book-When-In-Manila-Philippines-WhenInmanila  (113)


Of course, we had to take advantage of our exclusive stay in El Nido Palawan, so here’s some pics and stories about what to do, When In Palawan.


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Palawan-El-Nido-Asus-Zenbook-Ultra-Thin-Laptop-Ultrabook-Zen-Book-When-In-Manila-Philippines-WhenInmanila  (194)


First of all, you NEED to go snorkeling! There are so many snorkel spots here and you’re sure to find lots of AMAZING things in the water. The resort’s charm is enhanced by its crystal clear blue waters teeming with colorful tropical fishes. Right off the pier, one can snorkel with groupers, sergeant majors, parrot fish, fusiliers, and more. I really wished I still had my underwater cam for this to get some better pics for you guys, but for now, just enjoy these photos of the paces we snorkeled at in Palawan.


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Following our Palawan snorkeling experience, we checked out Cudugnon Cave. This is one of the highlights of the island tours where one must crawl through a hole to enter the main cavern. This in turn leads to a smaller cavern which is believed by archeologists to be a burial site during the Neolithic period.


Palawan-El-Nido-Asus-Zenbook-Ultra-Thin-Laptop-Ultrabook-Zen-Book-When-In-Manila-Philippines-WhenInmanila  (204) Palawan-El-Nido-Asus-Zenbook-Ultra-Thin-Laptop-Ultrabook-Zen-Book-When-In-Manila-Philippines-WhenInmanila  (207)

Palawan-El-Nido-Asus-Zenbook-Ultra-Thin-Laptop-Ultrabook-Zen-Book-When-In-Manila-Philippines-WhenInmanila  (202) Palawan-El-Nido-Asus-Zenbook-Ultra-Thin-Laptop-Ultrabook-Zen-Book-When-In-Manila-Philippines-WhenInmanila  (199)


We were also told by the locals that this Cudugon Cave, also know as the “Shaking Cave” or “Shivering Cave” was used by the locals as a place for sick people to go… at this point, we thought that the cave had healing properties, until our guide finished his statement and instead told us that sick people were sent to this cave to die! This was before medicine and all the more modern scientific means of dealing with sick people. Furthermore, during the war, this cave was also used as a prison and again, many deaths took place here… Wouldn’t you want to spend a night alone here… 



The coolest story though was about how there was supposedly a buried treasure here. Within the cave, you can see a big rock that seemed to had been the lid to a big hole in the ground. We didn’t realize this until our guide pointed it out and it was really cool as you can totally see how the boulder fits into the ground. Legend has it that there once was a buried treasure there.


Palawan-El-Nido-Asus-Zenbook-Ultra-Thin-Laptop-Ultrabook-Zen-Book-When-In-Manila-Philippines-WhenInmanila  (215)


Afterwards, we went over to the Miniloc Island Resort and Small Lagoon to do some kayaking! Miniloc Island is situated in a cove with a backdrop of sheer limestone cliffs. The Small Lagoon can be reached through a crack between rocks, the small lagoon is enclosed by towering marble walls. Don’t miss the “private” pool in the innermost part of the lagoon. Kayaking on the reef outside the lagoon is also highly recommended to further appreciate its awesome stillness.


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We we able to kayak in between the small crack to get ourselves in the lagoon. We were told that this houses a giant fish that the locals see every now and then. We weren’t told if this “giant fish” was dangerous but we all went swimming in the lagoon with no casualties. It’s cool though as the feel of this “secret” lagoon and the tales of the giant fish really had us feeling like we were by a Lockness Monster type of lake.


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Palawan-El-Nido-Asus-Zenbook-Ultra-Thin-Laptop-Ultrabook-Zen-Book-When-In-Manila-Philippines-WhenInmanila  (227)


Those are some of my top recommendations but believe me, there’s so much to do and see in Palawan that you’ll literally be wishing you had booked more days there! The scenery alone is one to leave you breathless, so imagine all that plus the cool sites you can visit.


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Palawan-El-Nido-Asus-Zenbook-Ultra-Thin-Laptop-Ultrabook-Zen-Book-When-In-Manila-Philippines-WhenInmanila  (219) Palawan-El-Nido-Asus-Zenbook-Ultra-Thin-Laptop-Ultrabook-Zen-Book-When-In-Manila-Philippines-WhenInmanila  (51)

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When In Manila, be sure to take some time out of your busy schedules and visit the romantic and exotic islands of Palawan! Oh and thanks again to my friends from ASUS Philippines for inviting me over and congratulations on their successful launch of the new ASUS Zenbook Ultrabook


When In Palawan, you’re sure to appreciate the wonderful outdoors with lots of activities like kayaking, snorkeling and adventure hiking! Just double check that you’ve booked enough nights here to fully take in the entire beauty of this Philippine paradise!


More info about El Nido Resorts Palawan here – https://www.elnidoresorts.com/


El Nido Resorts Manila Sales Office

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El Nido Palawan Island Beauty: The Ultimate Island Paradise Getaway