ASUS Zenbook is Love at First Sight: Newest Ultrabook is Power, Speed and Sexy Rolled into One


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When In Manila, falling in love seems to be easy. From the beautiful women, beaches, food and people, there’s so much love that can be given and received. This time though, I think I really fell hard… it feels different this time, like something that you see in the movies…


Do you believe in love at first sight?


Well if not, then you probably haven’t seen the new ASUS Zenbook Ultrabook! The newest member of the ASUS family and also the newest and possibly the most powerful Ultrabook (ultra thin laptops) in the market!


We were taken to one of the most peaceful and and Zen-inspiring places in the world – El Nido Palawan!


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From the exterior shine of the Zenbook’s polished metalic frame, you’re sure to draw the attention of bystanders and onlookers, for both the techie and non-techie types.





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One of the key advantages of the ASUS ZENBOOK is its smartphone-like spontaneity and always-on design. Regardless of how long the Ultrabook remains in standby, it can resume in just two seconds thanks to exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology. In effect, this means users have no reason to shut the ASUS ZENBOOK™ down, eliminating the need for lengthy boot ups. And with exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine II technology, the ASUS ZENBOOK™ can stay in standby for up to two weeks. Instant on functionality automatically backs up data to the SSD should the battery level drop below 5%, removing the risk of data loss due to a drained battery. The ZENBOOK™ therefore adds worry-free usability to its list of advantages.




Dedicated Battery Saving Mode boosts battery charge by as much as 25% for longer usability and range, free from the need to stay close to wall sockets or adapters. So that you’re always in the know when it comes to battery life, the exclusive ASUS PowerWiz utility provides accurate info on available charge by specific usage conditions, so you can plan better.



ASUS ZENBOOK 8-320-100


The Asus Zenbook at only 9mm at its thickest point and 3mm at its thinnest point.


Asus-zenbook-zen-book-ultrabook-ultra-thin-laptop-netbook-wheninmanila (1)


On a personal note, the Asus Zenbook looked absolutely sleek and sophisticated! It was complete nirvana seeing and holding the new Ultrabook. It was only fitting that they unveiled this new ultra thin notebook in El Nido, Palawan as we all felt like we had found the Zen lifestyle there.


Asus-zenbook-zen-book-ultrabook-ultra-thin-laptop-netbook-wheninmanila (2)


My other personal favorite was the brown Ultrabook bag that comes with every Asus Zenbook. These look almost like envelopes but with a dash of elegance. A really stylish way to carry around your ultra thin netbooks!



We’ll be doing a full review of the Zenbook soon so stay tuned for that. Will also have a few posts about El Nido Palawan soon.


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The Asus Zenbook Ultrabook was launched at the beautiful place of El Nido, Palawan. You can check out my full album of beautiful pics from that trip here –




When In Manila, be sure to get yourself an ASUS Zenbook for the speed, power and for how cool it looks!


The Asus Zenbook will be available in the Philippine market by the last week of November.


Suggested Retail Price:
Asus Zenbook UX21 : Php53,995 – Intel Core i5 2467
Asus Zenbook UX31 : Php59,995 – Intel Core i5 2557

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ASUS Zenbook is Love at First Sight: Newest Ultrabook is Power, Speed and Sexy Rolled into One



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