What Makes Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel So Great?

This March, Academy Award® winner Brie Larson will step into role of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful force, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, on the big screen.

Kevin Feige recalls when they found out that Brie might be interested in joining the MCU. “We had numerous meetings and pitched her the idea for the film,” he shares. “The great thing with Captain Marvel is that she is human. There’s a real person in Carol Danvers who gets these incredible powers and has these amazing adventures in outer space. But as with all the best Marvel characters she needs to be very human. So, this is not just about somebody who is incredibly powerful and can fly around and shoot photon blasts out of her arms. It’s somebody who’s very human, who’s very vulnerable, and who has multiple dimensions.”

Set in the 1990s, ‘Captain Marvel’ follows Carol Danvers’ journey as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes. As the story unfolds, she finds herself and a small cadre of allies at the center of a maelstrom when a galactic war between two alien races reaches Earth.

For Brie, being the lead of the first female Super Hero franchise presented an opportunity to put herself in the forefront of breaking new ground in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “It’s such an honor to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and be part of this legacy of characters and storytelling that is so incredibly meaningful to people,” she says Larson.  “These films are part of what’s shaping our culture, who we are, what morals we value. It’s incredible. I don’t think that I fully understood the scope of what it meant in the cultural zeitgeist until the announcement came out that I was going to be playing Captain Marvel. I’ve slowly started to grasp the vastness and levity of it all.”

To add to the authenticity of her scenes as a fighter pilot, Brie visited Nellis Air Force base in Las Vegas for some once-in-a-lifetime training and experiences, where she was able to meet and spend time with Brigadier General Jeannie M. Leavitt, who became the United States Air Force’s first female fighter pilot in 1993, and was the first woman to command a USAF combat fighter wing.

Kevin explains that this is one of the reasons why the scenes in the movie where they’re piloting ships and planes come off so authentically because they have had the hands-on experience and have been up there.

Marvel Studios’ ‘Captain Marvel’ opens in Philippines theaters on March 6.  Join the conversation online and use the hashtag #CaptainMarvelPH

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