What It Means To Man Up At The Union Station Barber

Come on. Gimme a little bit of that swag. Listed as one of the great barber shops in Manila, The Union Station Barber mixes in snug, stylish, and straightforward in grooming. Funny how there is an irony in grooming. I love how they put it: “Grooming is a chore. If men could just leave their hair alone and not be judged by looking like an endorser for Geico, they probably would. Yet the irony exists – the expectations are there, the means to meet them, not quite.”

“There are barbershops,” they continue. “But they are suited for modern men who were modern some 40 years ago. There are also salons, but no matter how posh they are, they’re still like your mom’s vanity room.”


I like the kind of experiences that relax you and don’t stress you out.  The moment you step into a shop, it sets the mood for your whole experience there. The Union Station Barber is spacious, with a whole lot of detail to delight in. That’s when you know, you’re up to getting something special.



New York to Manila is what inspired the shop’s look  barbers who are not too stiff, modern, snug, stylish, and straightforward.  Check out the dapper looking barbers here:


Carefully curated is what you can call the products at The Union Station Barber; that’s how they want it to be. Every item that goes into the shop is hand-picked from only the best suppliers worldwide.


A great haircut experience can lead to many things, and here you’ll find that everything is in the details.

Here’s a list of their services for men:

  • Haircut with Shampoo & Singe (let me get back to you on the singe in a bit) – P350 (45min)
  • Traditional Hot Towel Shave & Massage – P500 (50 min)
  • Signature Facial Treatment & Massage – P250 (20 min)
  • Manlycure & Pedicure – P500 (30 min)
  • Signature Head Massage & Luxury Hair Treatment – P1,200 (45 min)
  • The Union Station First Class Grooming Treatment – P1,500 (90 min)

This is what it looks like to be sleek and dapper.


Singeing is the signature treatment of this barber shop. It means to remove the hair, down or fuzz, by passing it rapidly over a flame.


The great thing about The Union Station Barber Shop is that it can totally be for women too. The barbers are also well-trained stylists. I went into the shop with botched-up hair, with a series of coloring fails from other salons and growing roots, whites, and frizziness. So I went in and was lucky to have Bryan put a little life back into it.

He tells me that in order to have great hair color, you need a great colorist and good quality product. One without the other will most often lead to hair fail. Here he shows me what he used on mine. Again, carefully curated stuff. On expert hands.


I got keratin and color and, must I say, who would’ve thought I’d get my best hair color at a barbershop? Definitely walked out of The Union Station feeling so fab!


Check out the other women they’ve done. No wonder they get their boyfriends and husbands to come in too!


Treatments for women are :

  • Haircut with shampoo (Php 350)
  • Color & Keratin Treatment (price depends on hair length)
  • Mani – Pedi (Php 500)
  • Threading (Php 200)
  • Styling (php 500)
  • The Union Station First Class Pampering Experience (Php 2,500)

Well I’m definitely treating the husband here soon. Oh and the “cuentong barbero” is all there too!

This is why The Union Station was erected. Snug, stylish, straightforward. Expert cuts, treatments, and an involved affair that would make you want to look good over and over again.

The Union Station Barber

2/F The Link, Glorietta, Makati City, Philippines
Facebook & Instagram : theunionstationbarber


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