We Asked People “What’s the Biggest Life Lesson You Learned This Year?” and the Answers are Beautiful

Each year is a chance to grow and become better people, especially if we learn to look at life as a teacher. There are lessons to be picked up from every circumstance thrown our way, whether they be good or bad. Especially the bad.

As 2018 comes to a close, we’re looking back at the year has been and looking forward to the next one hopefully bringing with us all the important things life taught us this year. With that, we thought about asking our friends and readers through our WIM Squad community: “What is the biggest lesson in life that this year has taught you?” and their answers will make you laugh, touch your heart, and inspire you.

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Here are the biggest life lessons they learned in 2018, shared by our readers:

15. “Doing a lot of things doesn’t mean you’re being productive. Know what you need to do that will help you in the long run and disregard unnecessary things that stress you out; in short, pick your battles—it’ll make all the difference.


14. “I have learned that I should never force anything to happen… making mistakes is ok, but I’ve realized that I have to trust my life’s process to unfold than to always try to control it.”


13. “Pay your [credit card] bills ASAP since finance fees [are] a b*tch.”


12. “This year, I learned that love can get you through any situation.

And I’m not talking about the romantic type of love. I’m talking about loving yourself and doing your best to love what you do and the people around you.

My life is nowhere near perfect and every day is a struggle, but I have decided to love myself and be patient with myself.

I have also decided to just go with the flow and find something to love in everything that is happening. I could be upset at the world, but I choose to learn to love it instead and that’s enough to keep me going. 

Try to find one thing to love about the job you hate or the person you can’t stand, you’ll be surprised at the difference it makes. :)”


11. “I learned that McDonald’s serves garlic rice all day even after 10A.M. Just add 5php to your meal for a garlic rice upgrade!”


10. “Biggest lesson, hands down: In the face of a difficult situation, remember that it’ll eventually become a great, funny story later on. Keep your poise and carry on. ?


9. “That you don’t have to react to everything you see online.”


8. “You have to really experience life to learn from it. Those quotes and captions you read online don’t mean anything until you experience them.”


7. “Never be afraid to try something new. Let yourself grow in experiences in the most unlikely places.”


6. “Never fully trust Google Maps.”


5. “I learned that having the right people around you is the most important thing. I went through my own mountains of ups and trenches of downs and the only thing constant then were my friends who I could always count on for anything. If you guys are reading this, you know who y’all are. I love you and thank you for being there.”


4. “There is courage in saying you’ve had enough.”


3. “I learned that pain changes you. Either you become a good person or someone cold for others. Never let pain decide who you are. Wield the pain to push you further into your goals. If you can’t make amendments to the people who gave you pain, don’t rush it. It will heal in the right time.”


2. “I learned that being a Senior Citizen is a big privilege and not something to be scared of!”


1. “Take care of yourself—physically and mentally. Take a walk in the park, read a real book, work out, do whatever it is that will let get a breather from the daily grind. Also, get off the internet more often.

It’ll do you some good.”


How about you? What is the biggest life lesson you learned this year? Tell us in the comments; we’d love to hear it. 😉