13 Water-Friendly and Waterproof Shoes For Rainy Days

Now that it’s officially rainy season in the Philippines, it’s also time for working professionals and many students to transform into waterproof superhumans. Get ready for the moody weather (sunny in the morning, stormy in the afternoon) with these water-friendly and waterproof shoes!

You can find rainy-day shoes of all types—from your commute shoes that you can easily switch out for your work shoes, to water-friendly and work-friendly shoes that you can wear all throughout the day.

Check them out below:


crocs shopee

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We’re starting off our list strong with the world-famous and well-loved “weatherproof” footwear brand: Crocs. Crocs are made out of a special resin-like material that makes it water-resistant. Any pair of Crocs you might choose for rainy days will surely be stylish, comfy, and safe from any water damage. Buy this classic pair of Crocs here!

Easy Soft

easysoft shopee

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Easy Soft is another beloved footwear brand known for its abundance of weatherproof shoes. With its office and school-friendly designs, Easy Soft shoes are quite essential for students and professionals who have to brave storms just to get to school or the office. The best part about these shoes is they look just like regular leather (or faux leather) black shoes from afar—your schoolmates and officemates won’t even know the difference. Buy this pair of Easy Soft shoes here!


melissa shopee

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Want to keep serving looks even when it’s raining on your way to the office? Melissa has a wide variety of “jelly shoes” that will make sure your waterproof shoes go with your outfits. You can choose from slides, platform shoes, ballerina flats, and sandals that come in a variety of vibrant colors. Buy this pair of pink platform shoes here!


native shopee

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If you’re looking for something more casual, you’ll probably love Native shoes. Native is known for its rubber waterproof shoes that look like casual sneakers. These shoes have breezy holes to make sure you don’t have to walk around with wet feet the whole day—it’s easy to drain rainwater! Buy this pair of white Native shoes here!


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If you want to keep the summer vibe even during rainy days, Zaxy offers a wide variety of weatherproof sandals that will make sure you’re comfy throughout your commute. These sandals come in many styles and different colors, so you’re sure to find one that suits your personality. Buy these classic Zaxy sandals here!

Columbia Sportswear Creeksider

columbia shopee

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Columbia Sportswear also has numerous water-friendly shoes you can use during rainy days. The Creeksider is a lightweight slip-on with enhanced traction outsole and drainage holes so you can easily trek through water. It also has a sturdy ankle strap that can be shifted to the front or the back. Buy the Columbia Sportswear Creeksider here!

Birkenstock EVA Sandals

birkenstock shopee

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Birkenstock has always been known for its sturdy outdoor shoes that can last years and brave any weather condition. The Birkenstock EVA Sandals are a go-to for water-friendly footwear. These sandals are made out of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA), a lightweight and flexible material that is water-resistant, oil-resistant, and grease-resistant. Buy these classic Birkenstock EVA sandals here!

Merrell Hydro Moc

merrell shopee

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Merrell’s Hydro Moc isn’t just stylish and water-friendly thanks to its cool design but also eco-conscious. It’s made of vegan-friendly material, and its BLOOM® performance midsole foam is made of 10% algae biomass. A bonus: it comes in a wide variety of cool color combinations! Buy the Merrell Hydro Moc here!

Skechers Arch Fit

skechers shopee

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The Skechers Arch Fit feature a cool sneaker-style design with drainage holes that will ensure you’re ready for any kind of weather. These water-friendly shoes are made with comfy and flexible EVA and feature a cushioned Arch Fit footbed. Buy the Skechers Arch Fit here!

CLN Wedge Sandals

cln shopee

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These wedge sandals from CLN are stylish, comfy, and perfect for the Philippine weather all year round. It’s made of PVC jelly-like material so it’s definitely water-friendly, plus its wedge heels can help you step over rain puddles and avoid getting your feet wet. Buy the CLN Wedge Sandals here!

Sperry Women’s Rain Boot

sperry shopee

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This pair of adorable lavender rain boots from Sperry “shows there’s no need to sacrifice fashion for function.” It features a waterproof outer layer and micro-fleece lining to keep feet warm and cozy. Buy these women’s rain boots from Sperry here!

Keds Rain Boots

keds shopee

These black Keds Rain Boots are also the perfect work shoes for the rainy season. They’re sleek and stylish, and feature anti-slip outsoles to keep you safe when walking in the rain. Buy these Keds Rain Boots here!

Goture Rain Boots

goture rainboots shopee

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These Goture Rain Boots are the more stylish and casual cousins of the usual (massive) rainboots we all know. These are ankle rain boots made out of a lightweight waterproof material. It’s seamless, comfortable, and weatherproof! Buy these Goture Rain Boots!

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