WATCH: You Have to Watch this Insane Cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’

Five-piece music group Walk off the Earth is a star in its own right, and with good reason. These folks are talented. What sets Walk off the Earth apart from other bands is that they create their own music. Live. With their own little unconventional instruments or, sometimes, with usual items we find lying around the house. Like a fork. Or mug.

WATCH: We’re Really Digging this Dance Cover of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You

One of the band’s most recent covers? Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You. The cover is so insanely good that it has been trending on Youtube for some days now. Cups, Shells ’round the neck, a fork, a mug, some colorful plastic tubes. And, of course, the band’s amazing vocals. That’s all it took for the Canadian group to put together this amazing song cover.

Ready to be blown away? Great. Watch Walk off the Earth’s cover of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You below:

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