WATCH: Touching Story of How Overseas Filipino Workers Sacrifice for their Families

I will never forget the guy I met at the airport 3 years ago. He looked tough and won’t look like he’d cry easily – until he had to bid his family goodbye. As soon as he passed the X-ray machine, he couldn’t help but cry. He was sobbing like he had allergies. I looked at him and he said, “kung di lang kailangan, di ako aalis ng bansa.”

I cried. I felt his pain. I was speechless. I couldn’t utter a word of encouragement.

Truly, it is a horrible feeling for anyone leaving the country for work. I asked myself, is it the only way to provide better future?


Source: AFP/ Posted at Rappler

That’s why when I saw this video shared by BPI-Philam entitled: The Best Present is your Presence,” I cried like a river. The video demonstrated what parents lose from sacrificing and what children really want from their parents.

The company invited 3 OFW families and interviewed them about their thoughts of working abroad. One mom said the same thing, she said:

OFW BPI families

“Yung chances po kasi dito, hindi naman po ako ma-promote for regularity.” (My chances of regularization is very slim.” 

After watching this video, I’m pretty sure you will appreciate your OFW parents MORE than ever.

Source: BPI-Philam YouTube account

Truthfully, we know for a fact that we must sacrifice for our children’s future. It’s just sickening to know that they don’t have many opportunities here in the Philippines. As a result, they need to leave their families to earn a living.

It’s painful as they miss out on their children’s special occasions such as childhood, adulthood, graduation, birthdays, and even weddings.

Indeed, our Overseas Filipino Workers are the modern day heroes.

What are your thoughts about the touching video? Did it hit you, too?