Duterte Wants To Create “Business Islands” So OFWs Stop Working Abroad

Want to stop the Filipino diaspora and let our OFWs come home? Develop “business islands” in the country, and give them to interested businessmen “without really giving up anything in the Philippines”, according to Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte.


Duterte believes that in order to increase the country’s employment rate, many islands in the Philippines need to be turned into business islands, so that more jobs are created and Filipinos no longer need to seek for work abroad.

This means that an island given to businessmen will be turned into a business hub, where investors tailor the configurations according to the needs of their business, provided that they follow the laws of the country.

According to Duterte, the country is not giving any property up, because the government can still demand that investors protect the environment of where they are setting up their business.

The Davao City mayor argued:

If we create jobs here within our borders and within our islands, then they can do business and (improve) the livelihood of the people as well.

Thoughts on Duterte’s proposition?

Do you agree with it or not?