WATCH: Tornado Forms in Manila

So, this actually happened today.

A video taken by Karen Daphne Madrigal from her condo made its rounds on Facebook and Twitter. It’s only a few seconds long but it’s enough to give us the chills.

I haven’t seen one of these here in the Philippines, especially of that size. I sometimes see the mini ones, the ones which just lasts for a few seconds and you can’t even see the actual form. The circular motion of the small leaves and dirt it takes with it are the only indications of a small tornado.

The one on the video, though, is huge!

I hope this serves as a reminder to us, that anything can really happen. The next few days would bring more rains, according to the news, so keep safe out in the roads, everyone! (See also: Typhoon Safety Tips from DOH and PNP)

Have you seen this today, too?