WATCH: This “Trailer” for Marvel’s Venom Had Us Convinced and Now We Can’t Wait

Another character is to be added to the already packed Marvel cinematic universe, but are we complaining? Uhhh, no. Cos the Marvel universe isrepeat after mefreakintastic.

So in 2018, Venom (Spiderma’s creepy archenemy), is debuting with its own movie franchise, and Tom Hardy has reportedly already been confirmed as the antihero symbiote, while Ruben Fleischer is said to direct. It is pretty early on in the production stages of the movie though and no trailer has been released yet, but we do know super fans like to get a bit ahead of themselves. Thus this Venom fan-made trailer was born.

It got us pretty confused at first watch, to be honest. Thought it was the real thing. God, these fan made trailers just keep getting better and better. Remember that Voldemort fan-made trailer as well? That was way too believable.

Anyway, watch the Venom “trailer” here:

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