WATCH: This Pet Dog’s Reaction To Seeing Stray Dogs In The Pound Truck Will Break Your Heart

Meet Finn.


The loving dachshund was in the car with his loving owners when he saw this:


This is how he reacted:

Source:  @heycarlaaa on Instagram
Full text reads:

We were on the road with Finn when we encountered this dog pound truck. He started crying the second he saw his less fortunate kin 1f494????

EDIT: since this post is getting so much traction, please help get others informed on how dogs are a lifetime commitment. If you’re getting a dog, it should be family and not disposable. There are efforts in Manila to help rescue dogs/cats and find them loving homes, check out groups like CARA Welfare Phils – “Compassion And Responsibility for Animals” for volunteering/donation/adoption info. Thanks for all the love you’ve been sending our way! 2764❤️ -Carla & Finn

That just totally broke my heart! Let’s try to help other dogs in need. Read about them here:
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Let’s do our part to help man’s best friend! If Fin can have compassion for them, you can, too!