Meet The Laguna Pitbulls & Help Them Find Their Forever Homes

In 2012, I, together with some classmates, shot a short documentary on the Laguna Pitbulls.

Being a dog lover, animal welfare is an issue that is near and dear my heart. It was 4 years ago when I learned about the story of these Pitbulls. Almost 200 dogs were rescued from a dog fighting syndicate based in Laguna. The dogs, mostly sick and abused, were then brought to a rehabilitation center. This was their story:

View the whole documentary HERE.

At that time, the penalty prescribed by the law for animal abuse was only PHP 5,000. The country’s lax laws on animal abuse allowed the perpetrators of the million peso dog fighting industry to operate easily in the country. Just months prior to the discovery of the Laguna Pitbulls, the same group was caught operating in Cavite! The law has since then been amended prescribing harsher penalties.

Since then, the rescued dogs have been under the care of CARA. Through volunteer efforts and donations, the organization has managed to rehabilitate some of the dogs and have them put up for adoption. Last week, the group conducted a fun walk with some of the dogs to increase awareness on the plight of these beautiful, lovable dogs. People who were interested in adopting also came out to meet the dogs.




When I met the pitbulls in 2012, my heart broke into a million pieces. After all the abuse these dogs endured, all each one wanted was affection and attention from a human. I remember walking through the rows of cages and each dog just frantically jumped around, begging for attention, asking to be held. I remember holding back tears. I just wanted to take each one home and love them!

I now look at photos of the same dogs and it makes my heart swell. They have all grown into strong, healthy, beautiful dogs! And now, these lovable dogs now need forever homes!

How can you even resist these cutie pies?




Photos by Rich Tuason. View more here: LPB Page;  Rich Tuason’s photography service page.


According to CARA:

Pls be informed that we have dogs here in Manila who are in boarding so it is easier for potential adopters to meet them. Let us help you schedule a “date” with our LPBs in Manila by completing this form:
We will reply through email and coordinate with you so you can meet the dogs!! Pls be informed that every applicant goes through background check.
There is an adoption fee of Php 3500. All dogs are fixed, up to date with vaccines and we will endorse their medical records to an approved family/adopter.

What are you waiting for? Let’s do all we can to help these beautiful creatures!

CARA is also open to volunteers and donations.

To donate to the Laguna Pit Bull Rehabilitation Project:

1) Bank of the Philippine Islands Philippine Peso Account
Account Name: CARA Welfare Philippines
Account Number: 003121-1984-86

2) Bank of the Philippine Islands Dolllar (USD) Account
Account Name: CARA Welfare Philippines
Account Number: 3124-0417-66
Swift # bopiphmm

Please make checks payable to: CARA WELFARE PHILIPPINES

3) For online donations through credit card/PayPal, please visit: https://www.caraphil.org/mainsite/2012/04/30/help-save-the-laguna-pitbulls/

Visit the Save the Laguna Pitbulls Facebook Page for more information.