Save the Laguna Pitbulls: A documentary on animal welfare in the Philippines

When In Manila, we’ve once posted on the plight of the Laguna Pitbulls. We thank each and everyone of you for your overwhelming response and reactions.

But, there is still more to be done for animals in the country. The Laguna Pitbull situation is but one chilling effect of the worsening animal welfare situation in the Philippines. There are still more issues like the dog meat trade, animal abuse, and animal negligence.

The first step is awareness. Let us all be informed.

Dugtong DOGtong na Pag-asa: Isang Dokumentaryo 

When in Manila, we believe that these are worthwhile causes. Help us spread the word!

IMG 0226

WIM writer Isabel Rodriguez with Sam, one of the rescued Laguna Pitbulls

Read more about my personal experiences on the Laguna Pitbull Rehabilitation site here and here.