WATCH: This Parrot Sings Like Rihanna Better Than You

Parrots have always kind of freaked me out (they always say the weirdest things), but oh my god, this one is just plain amazing. Originally posted in Reddit, this video surfaced featuring a parrot who can sing…like Rihanna.

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As can be seen in the video, the parrot is singing Rihanna’s lines in her song collaboration with rapper Eminem, The Montser. The original video that was posted on Reddit was only a raw video of the parrot showing off its vocal chops, but because the internet is a wonderful place, another Redditor, user Ursinarium, edited the footage and synced it up with Eminem’s music video.

And the result is kind of fascinating. Need to see for yourself? Watch below:

This parrot can sing better than me, tbh.

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