Lady Gaga’s Isolated Vocals from her Super Bowl Performance Proves Why She is ~KWEEN~

YouTube user Arkadiusz Tuszek probably had a lot of time on his hands, or maybe he’s the biggest fan of Lady Gaga, idk, but he somehow had the brilliant idea of isolating the singer’s vocals from the music from her recent Super Bowl halftime show performance.

The 13-minute performance of the pop star was incredible, to say the least, with many arguing it to be going down the list of Super Bowl’s best performances ever. And although Tuszek’s experiment reveals a bit of strain in the voice as Lady Gaga fought through her physically taxing performance, she’s still got our respect. If you don’t agree, we’d like to challenge you to do a 13-minute all-out live performance.

We dare ya. (Kidding, we love ya.)

Yasss, we all know that Lady Gaga is ~kween~, but in case you needed any more proof, well, here it is. Listen to the track below:

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