Watch this Modus Operandi of Mall Snatchers

Watch this Modus Operandi of Mall Snatchers


People think that it’s safer when they’re in a well-lit public place where there are lots of people. But a new modus operandi captured on CCTV proves that it can be just as scary as walking alone in the dark.

This CCTV was captured in a popular grocery in Makati, and shows a group of people surrounding a victim to get her wallet.

The theft starts when the victim falls in line. Slowly, a group of four people, all pretending not to know each other, close in on the victim. When the thief is ready to snatch the wallet from the victim’s bag, the accomplices move closer so the thief isn’t seen.

After the thief snatches the wallet, all of them move away, including an accomplice who is an old man.


Watch this Modus Operandi of Mall Snatchers 2


A few weeks later, two of the suspects were caught, but were let go because no one filed charges.

A separate CCTV footage was found where two thieves snatched the wallet of a victim while in a clothing store.

Watch the footage below:


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