WATCH: This ‘La La Land’ Medley Piano Cover Will Give You All the Feels

Twenty-one year old pianist Silvan, aka The Panda Tooth on Youtube, makes amazing piano covers. He also writes sheet music to help people hoping to learn piano. In his recent upload, Silvan takes on the music of everyone’s new favorite movie–La La Land.

In The Panda Tooth’s piano cover of the romantic musical, not only did he create a cover of one of the songs in the film, but a medley.

He did a mash-up of the following hit songs from La La Land: Mia and Sebastian’s Theme, Another Day of Sun, Someone In The Crowd, City Of Stars, Audition, and Epilogue.

La La Land is a wonderful film revolving around the lives of two struggling artists in the City of Stars, LA. Mia, played by Emma Stone, is a waitress and aspiring actress, while Sebastian, played by Ryan Gosling, is a jazz pianist. It is a movie that has charmed not only the public, but the critics as well, with the film taking home seven major awards in the recent Golden Globe Awards.

The Panda Tooth writes:

“I hope you enjoyed this medley! I got a ton of requests for this soundtrack. I would have loved to get to it sooner, but the movie only just opened in my country and I definitely wanted to see it before doing a cover. I’m glad I did though! This way I think I could understand the songs a lot better and get the most out of a medley.”

Watch his moving piano medley below:

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