WATCH: This Dreamy Clip from ‘La La Land’ is for Anyone Who Hasn’t Seen the Film Yet

So. La La Land bagged all seven awards it was nominated for at the recent Golden Globe Awards. It is a pretty highly acclaimed film. Ryan Gosling won best actor, Emma Stone won best actress, and the film won the highest award of the night–Best Motion Picture. Bottomline, it’s obviously a pretty awesome film.

la la land gif

But for the rest of us (I know, shame on me!) who haven’t seen the film yet, this new lovely clip from the film just surfaced the internet–as if a reassuring hug telling us “it’s gonna be okay.”

Ryan Gosling sings, Emma Stone sings–basically they sing to each other with charmed looks that make us want to fall right in love. Watch the adorable clip below:

Doesn’t this make you excited??? La La Land is now showing in theaters nationwide. Seriously. Let’s just all watch the film now. Bye.

Have you seen the film yet? What did you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comments!