WATCH: This Guy Had A “Virtual Date” With Gal Gadot Through His Amazing Video Editing Skills

With the technology we have nowadays, we can pretty much “be” anything or “do” anything with just a few clicks and taps–at least, anything on photo or video. With photo manipulation and video editing skills, the sky is the limit for whatever dream you may have.

Fil-Am celebrity JD Charisma just shared a video of his “date” with Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot. But it wasn’t really a date. It was just an edited video of Gal Gadot which he made to look like he was on a date with the actress. He did quite a good job with it!

Take a look:

I’m honestly amazed at how seamless he made the video look like. It actually seemed legit! Plus, I loved his effort of truly matching his shots with Gal Gadot’s.

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I’d really have to give lots of credit for this man’s editing skills. He could pretty much “date” anyone he wants with this talent!

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