WATCH: This guy ‘dubs’ himself as Piolo Pascual’s character in film “Starting Over Again” and it’s hilarious

Before DubSmash and, internet users would create ‘dubbing’ videos manually through installed softwares of songs of their favorite artists or perhaps scenes from their favorite music videos or movie scenes. It took meticulous effort to accurately depict the movements and blocking of the artist to perfectly match the lyrics or lines being delivered.

Facebook user Edgar Torres Jr. has been a fan of creating videos. A self-taught graphic artist and video editor, he recently uploaded a dubbed video of him delivering the lines of Piolo Pascual’s character Marco in the 2014 film “Starting Over Again” with Toni Gonzaga as his leading lady. As of writing, it has gained over 4.6 million views and over 68,000 shares.

The video features him mirroring the movements of Marco as he and Ginny come into a heated argument, one of the famous scenes of the film where Marco gives the “I deserve an explanation, I deserve an acceptable reason” line.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Torres Jr. for further details.

“Inedit ko siya using Sony Vegas. Ilang araw kong minemorize at ininternalize talaga yung mahabang linya ni Piolo para pag binitiwan ko ung mga linyahan niya, eh, F na F ko at ‘di halatang ‘di pilit. [I’m a] self-taught home-based graphic artist/video editor. Asa asa sa mga Youtube tutorials. Gumagawa ako ng mga ganitong klaseng video kapag medyo walang masayadong trabaho o kung may bigla na lang magpop-up sa utak ko. Masaya kasi mag-edit ng mga ganitong video, kasi parang napapalaki mo yung mundo mo kahit nasa maliit ka lang na kwarto.”

Rough translation: “I edited [the video] using Sony Vegas. For a number of days, I really memorized and internalized the long lines of Piolo, so that when I execute them, eh, it could come out good without making it look too forced. [I’m a] self-taught home-based graphic artist/video editor. I rely on YouTube tutorials. I also make these kinds of videos when I don’t have much to do at work or something suddenly comes to mind. I find joy in editing these kinds of videos, because it’s as if you’re allowing your world to expand, even in just a small room.”

Where Torres edits his videos. Photo provided by Edgar Torres Jr.

Other than the recent “Starting Over Again” video, Torres Jr. also created parodies of Power Rangers and Spiderman: Homecoming, two action films that premiered this year. Fans and sharers of Torres Jr.’s videos acknowledged his depiction of the roles, as well as the accuracy in execution.

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Disclaimer: does not own the videos or photos in the article, credits go to Edgar Torres Jr.. Torres Jr. also wishes to clarify that he does not have ownership over the clips used in his dubbed videos.

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