WATCH: This Group’s Ultimate Asian Adventure Will Give You Serious Wanderlust

23 countries, 8 months, captured in under 4 minutes of a wonderful video. The guys from Global Degree, an online travel page, will give you some serious case of travel envy. From India, Bhutan, Mongolia, China, down to Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, and of course, The Philippines, the team covered most of Asia in their backpacking stint. They even went to North Korea. (And Australia, as an add on!)

They group writes about their big adventure on their Youtube channel: “We traveled through nearly every country in Asia over an 8 month period. We finished the whole trip in Australia and flew home to Canada from Sydney. This was easily the most spectacular year of our lives. Hope that our video can motivate and inspire people to have a similar experience. We are off to film a trip through the Middle East later this year.”

Ready to get whisked across Asia? Watch the epic video below:

Ahh, the world is so freaking beautiful. Follow Global Degree to see more of their adventures at

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