WATCH: This Enlightening Video Will Make You Want To Study Baybayin ASAP

Baybayin has been quite a fad in the recent months. It has been present in digital wallpapers, artworks, and lots of other social media posts since it started gaining popularity on the internet.

Almost everyone (and I really hope that it’s everyone) knows that baybayin is the ancient way of writing of our Filipino ancestors–long before any colonizer stepped foot on our islands. But what does it mean for us to have our own way of writing? And why should we take that extra effort to learn it in these modern times?

A video by Probe Productions Inc. answers these questions and more. Their video features anthropologist Leo Castro as he talks about our own ancient script.

Check it out below:


He starts off the video with a quick history lesson on baybayin, and then talks about how it is slowly “resurrecting” with the help of artists that have been using baybayin in their works.

The anthropologist then acknowledges that it is currently a fad and that the real question for baybayin now is how to maintain it.

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Having our own way of writing means having our own symbol for our language which not many countries have, according to Leo Castro. He also encourages viewers that learning baybayin isn’t such a hard feat, with only 17 symbols as compared to 26 in the English alphabet.

Making an effort to learn it, and having intelligent (and not violent) discussions about this ancient script can make all the difference!

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