WATCH: This Dance Choreography for Taylor Swift’s ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ is so LIT

Well, after months of speculation that a new Taylor Swift album is about to break the internet yet again, it has finally happened. T. Swift’s new single has dropped, and everyone is shookt. Titled “Look What You Made Me Do“, the new single is dark, vengeful, and full of all un-Taylor Swift-like qualities. (Or at least so we think.) She says so in the song herself: the old Taylor is deadz.

So while the new Taylor track is breaking the internet, I’m just over here sipping my tea and already watching over the stream of covers YouTube artists are doing of the new song. And then there’s this: a dance cover. And yet again, I am blown away, you guys. Kudos to Kyle Hanagami who apparently choreographed this dance.

I can’t move like these dancers, but watching them seamlessly move through those complicated-looking dance steps makes me kinda wish I can join this #squad instead. (Can I?) Until then, I’ll be watching this dance cover over and over. Join me?

Watch below:

Do you dance? What do you think of this choreography? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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