Watch This Boyfriend’s Super Cute Voice Over Of His Girlfriend’s Makeup Tutorial!

Stop what you’re doing and watch this adorable video of a boyfriend narrating his girlfriend’s makeup tutorial.

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Irina Belmes uploaded this video on her Facebook account last week.

“He always rants every morning on how I take so long doing my makeup before I go to school,” Irina, the girl friend, shared.

“He keeps saying, ‘bakit mo binubunutan yung kilay mo tapos da-drawingan mo rin lang?‘ or ‘Bakit ka ba naglalagay ng foundation para maitago yung redness – tapos mag-bublush ka?’, so I decided, why not make him do the voice over on my tutorial since ang dami niyang sinasabi every time I do my makeup?”

The outcome was hilarious and cute, and the couple totally gave us major relationship goals.

Watch the full video below:

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