WATCH: This AIDS Awareness Campaign Moved Celebrities To Tears

It’s a sad truth that there are some important issues in the world that many people don’t know about. It may be because of deliberately ignoring these issues, or because of a lack in awareness.

Whatever the case may be, it is an absolute blessing that there are people in the world who choose to let others know what other things in the world shouldn’t be ignored.

AIDS, for example, isn’t really something that you’d choose to talk about at the dinner table. Yet, it’s something that people should be aware of, especially since it involves real people with real lives.

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The Red Whistle is a non-government organization that aims to raise awareness on AIDS. Just recently, they posted a campaign video that caused celebrities and thousands of people around the planet to shed tears.

Check out the video below:

In the video, celebrities such as Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Aiza Seguerra, and JC Santos, were asked to read a script about AIDS victims.

After reading the heartbreaking speech that almost rendered them speechless came the twist that pushed their emotions over the edge. ~Spoiler Alert~ It was then that they realized that these weren’t just stories but were real lives of real people.

Honestly, just like them, I was crying, too. And I believe that it fulfilled its purpose of creating awareness on AIDS.

Kudos to The Red Whistle team for effectively letting the voices of AIDS victims be heard!

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