WATCH: The “Stranger Things” kids greet their dad, Steve Harrington, a happy father’s day!

Aww! We love these kids more and more every day! And we’re super excited for Season 3!

In a cute little compilation of videos, the Stranger Kids cast greeted their de facto father Steve Harrington a happy father’s day. Each of the kids gave their own sweet little dedication to the older kid, the same older kid who took care of them for most of Season 2. When Steve wasn’t interacting with his fellow older kids, he was making sure the youngins were alive and take care of.

So of course they wanted to show their gratitude with this adorable video!

Watch it here:

Adorable. My heart hurts. :'( Thank you, Stranger Things, for having the most adorable cast in existence. We can’t wait for next season!

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