WATCH: ‘The Little Mermaid’ Trailer is Here and We Love It

Time to get excited for another classic story coming to life on the silver screen. The Little Mermaid is ready to whisk us away into an enchanting world of fins, magic, and love. But don’t expect a Disney treatment here; Ariel and flounder won’t be leading characters in this one. This upcoming live-action release of The Little Mermaid is a spin to the original Hans Christian Andersen story, so expect a little bit of a dark retelling.

The film, which has no exact release date yet but is expected to come out later this year, will star Poppy Drayton of Downton Abbey as Elizabeth, aka The Little Mermaid, and William Moseley of the Narnia franchise. The film follows the story of a young journalist, played by Moseley, who is sent to Mississippi to investigate the rumor of a mermaid being found there. He goes, hesitantly, taking his little sister with him on the trip. And thus the magical adventure begins.

Watch the trailer here:

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